Tuesday’s Piece: Promising SURPASS Trial Results for Novel Drug, Tirzepatide

Tirzepatide, a novel drug that activates both GLP – 1 and GIP receptors in the body, has additional promising results from SURPASS trials. Below is a brief summary of the findings for tirzepatide in these trials.

SURPASS-3 CGM Sub-Study: More time in tight target range, improved glycemic variability and numerically less time in hypoglycemia compared to titrated insulin degludec in adults with type 2 diabetes. Also, in one exploratory endpoint, those taking the highest dose of tirzepatide (15 mg) spent up to 91.2% of the day in the target time in range (71-180 mg/dL), compared to 75% for those taking insulin degludec.

SURPASS-3 MRI Sub-Study: Greater reductions in liver fat content compared to titrated insulin degludec in adults with type 2 diabetes. Additionally, the volume of abdominal adipose tissue decreased with tirzepatide, compared to an increase with insulin degludec. These results of this study are important because increased ectopic fat (i.e. liver fat or visceral adipose tissue) is commonly seen in adults with type 2 diabetes and is associated with an inflammatory response and increased cardiometabolic risk.

SURPASS-4 Detailed Results: Superior A1C and body weight reductions compared to insulin glargine and continued to demonstrate consistent A1C and weight control for up to two years in newly released data from this study.

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