Thursday’s Daily Piece: Medicare Eligible – Prescription Medication Coverage

The time arrives that you are eligible for Medicare. You have your Medicare Part A and B so you are good to go. Right? Not so fast. Medicare Part A covers hospitalization. Medication Part B your outpatient office visits, certain vaccines (i.e. flu and pneumococcal), durable medical supplies (i.e. blood glucose testing supplies, insulin pumps and supplies (must meet certain criteria to qualify), continuous glucose monitors (must meet certain criteria to qualify).

What about your prescription medications? Well, Medicare Part D covers prescription medications and certain vaccines (i.e. shingles). Another option for prescription drug coverage is a Medicare Advantage Plan (combines Medicare Part A, B and prescription drug coverage). Well if this is not confusing enough, there are specific annual enrollment periods for Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage Plans. Below is a link that provides more details on the open enrollment period. Bottom line Medicare Part A and B will not cover your prescription medications.

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