Wednesday’s Daily Piece: Empaglifozin Fast Tracked by FDA

Empagliflozin, Jardiance, has been fast tracked by FDA for reducing death and preventing hospitalization for heart failure in adults with or without diabetes with a previous heart attack.

Empaglifozin trial, EMPACT-MI study, is studying the effect of the drug on all cause mortality (death) and hospitalization for heart failure in adults with or without the diabetes who had a heart attack or history of chronic heart failure. This study is part of a large program, EMPOWEER clinical program, which is studying the impact of empagliflozin on the spectrum of cardiac (heart), renal (kidneys), and metabolic (i.e. diabetes) conditions. This makes perfect sense as diabetes does not occur in a silo but rather with heart, kidney and other metabolic conditions.

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Jardiance May Help Heart by Shifting Its Fuel | MedPage Today
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