Tuesday’s Daily Piece: Resources for Insulin Patient Assistance

Persons with diabetes struggling to afford their insulin has been heavy on my heart recently. I have the privilege to work with many older adults with diabetes on insulin therapy which has created a passion for connecting these adults with resources to assist with affording insulin. I see time and time again older adults with Medicare Part D or Advantage Plan who simply can not afford their insulin. I also work with persons with diabetes who have lost their jobs and insurance coverage due to COVID so I also assist in connecting them with resources for the access to insulin.

What do I mean when I use the term, patient assistance, as relates to insulin? Receiving the medication from the pharmaceutical company at no cost to the patient. Typically, the medication is mailed to the provider’s office or person with diabetes’ home. I have found NovoCare (NovoNordisk – i.e. Novolog, Levemir, Tresiba, Fiasp), Lilly Cares (Lilly- i.e. Basaglar, Humalog) and Sanofi Patient Connection (Sanofi – i.e. Toujeo, Apidra) to provide excellent support for persons with diabetes who qualify (income requirements for persons covered through Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage). Typically, persons who have lost their job and health insurance are able to get patient assistance through these programs. Also, each program varies in whether they require proof of income documentation to be submitted.

Below is the link to the website for NovoCare, Lilly Cares and Sanofi Patient Connection. If you are unsure of whether you qualify, please click on link below, and call phone to learn whether you qualify.




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