Tuesday’s Daily Piece: First Ready to Use (No Mixing!!!) Glucagon Autoinjector Now Available

The old school glucagon autoinjector was a challenge to use because it required mixing before use which is super stressful when one is experiencing severe hypoglycemia. Exciting news! The first ready to use (NO mixing) glucagon autoinjector, Gvoke HypoPen, is now available. No more mixing!!! To use this pen, one simply pulls off the red cap, and pushes the yellow end on the skin and holds for 5 seconds. It comes in a 2 pack box. It is indicated for persons with diabetes over 2 years of age for severe hypoglycemia. A $0 copay card is available for those with commercial insurance. Depending on your insurance, a prior authorization may be required which your medical provider will need to complete. Also the out pocket cost for the medication will vary depending on your insurance so if you are unsure of the cost contact your insurance company.

Xeris Pharmaceuticals Announces Gvoke HypoPen™ – the First ...
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