Saturday’s Daily Piece: Increasing Medicare Beneficiaries Access to CGM

Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) provide vital, timely glucose data for persons with diabetes to keep them safe from the dangers of hypo- and hyperglycemia. One group that unfortunately has had limited access to CGMs are Medicare beneficiaries with requirement that the CGM be approved as a therapeutic CGMs (can use them to make treatment decisions) plus beneficiary having to be on basal bolus insulin regimen and test four times daily. Yikes!! Such limitations which creates frustration. This week a ray of sunlight peaked through the clouds with CMS proposed changes which would increase access to CGMs for Medicare beneficiaries through providing access to all CGMs (not just therapeutic CGMs) as durable medical equipment (DME) and establish payment amounts for these items. Now if only CMS would revise rules to eliminate four times daily testing of glucose, and being on basal bolus insulin regimen requirements. Please click below for details.

How an Amateur Race Car Driver Decided on a CGM: Diabetes Forecast®
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