Friday’s Daily Piece: Lilly and Yposmed Collaboration Advances Automated Insulin Delivery

We currently have great options for automated insulin delivery with the Medtronic, Tandem and Omnipod insulin pumps. Another option for patients is on the horizon as Lilly and Ypsomed collaborate in an automated insulin delivery system. Currrently, Ypsomed has the mylife YpsoPump, an automated insulin delivery device, which is available in Europe. The unique features of this pump are its small size and icon based touch screen. Ypsomed is developing a version of the mylife YpsoPump for the U.S. with plans to submit for FDA approval in 2022. Once FDA approval is given, Lilly with commercialize the insulin pump in the U.S.

mylife YpsoPump insulin pump - mylife Diabetescare – International
mylife YpsoPump insulin pump - mylife Diabetescare – International

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