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Are you like many folks in your belief that advocacy is someone else’s job to do? Well, I used to believe this myth as well.  Advocacy is critical and vital for each person.  As a diabetes educator and pharmacist, much of my advocacy efforts are focused on persons with diabetes and access to care for their diabetes.  Earlier today, I met with Brad Williamson, Field Representative with U. S. Senator Johnny Isakson regarding S. 3366 bill which expands access to diabetes self management training for Medicare beneficiaries.  So what exactly did I do in preparation for this meeting?

  1. As a member of AADE, I received notification about this vital bill (as well as the U.S. House companion bill).  I gathered the 6 – 7 bullets (aka talking points) (AADE provided this which made it easy) on the bill.
  2. I contacted the field office in Georgia for U.S. Senator Isakson and requested an in person meeting with one of the senator’s staff locally.
  3. I prepared my talking points – bill number, name of bill, current sponsors, 6 -7 bullet points of how this bill helps Medicare beneficiaries and my asks (to be a bill co-sponsor and support the bill).
  4. During the meeting, I provided Brad with the key information on the bill, asked for Senator Isakson to be a bill co-sponsor and support the bill.
  5. As follow up, I sent a thank you email to Brad, and will follow with Brad in a couple of weeks.

In all honesty, my advocacy efforts for S. 3366 did not take much time at all because I utilized resources from AADE.  Step out of your comfort zone and beginning advocating today.

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