Daily Piece: Zynquista, SGLT 1/2 Inhibitor, for Type 1 Diabetes

FDA advisory committee recently voted on a new SGLT 1/2 inhibitor, Zynquista, for Type 1 diabetes. If approved, this medication can be used with insulin which would decrease insulin doses and weight. It is a dual inhibitor pill that is taken once daily. It is being developed by Lexicon and Sanofi. STICH is proposed acronym for persons with Type 1 to take if ketones are high (while taking SGLT inhibitor).

STop SGLT inhibitor; Inject bolus insulin; Consume 30 grams of carbs; Hydrate (ideally with water)

What makes it particularly exciting is if approved Zynquista would be the first oral diabetes medication approved for use in Type 1 diabetes. Now that would be a game changer.

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