Daily Piece: Early Morning Unexpected Encounter

I arrived a little early for my 7 am ultrasound appointment earlier this week.  Being a friendly person, I engaged in conversation with the very pleasant intake clerk.  Of course, I shared that I was a pharmacist and certified diabetes educator who thoroughly enjoys working with persons with diabetes.  She perked up and shared that she was glad that she did not need to see a diabetes educator as she stated, “my diabetes is not bad.” She then shared that she struggled to consistently take her evening dose of insulin.

My heart sunk as I thought she does not understand working with a diabetes educator is an avenue for ongoing support, education and clinical management.  Then I jump right in to share with her that working with a diabetes educators is not a punishment or any indication that a person with diabetes is doing bad. Rather it is a great source for support, education and clinical management as well as a  person to walk the journey with her in the day to day management of diabetes.

Please click below to see more details for the four key times to work with a diabetes educator.


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