Daily Piece: 2019 ADA Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes Updates Highlighted

Over the last 10 years or so, a much greater emphasis has been placed on risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes (now also cardiovascular benefit) with diabetes medications. Below is a short list of updates as well as link to download standards. Great news!! You can download full or abridged version, or app of Standards of Care. Happy reading (these standards are sure to not disappoint)! 


  • More treatment algorithms to provide decision support for individualized care with patient-centered care as top priority
  • Updated cardiovascular disease management recommendations – ADA and ACC (American College of Cardiology) now align in their recommendations
  • New section focused on diabetes technology ( lots of great details on recommendations on insulin delivery, blood glucose meters, continuous glucose monitors, automated insulin delivery devices, and insulin injection technique) 
  • Significant revisions to the pharmacologic treatment guidance for type 2 diabetes allowing for individualized therapy with a strong emphasis on incorporation of comorbidities (ASCVD, chronic kidney disease, heart failure), hypoglycemia risk (really important especially for senior adults), effect on body weight, cost, side effects, and patient preferences. 


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