Wednesday’s Daily Piece: Green Light for Dexcom’s G6 Pro

Great news in the diabetes world today! FDA has approved Dexcom’s G6 Pro CGM. Now you may be wondering what is a pro (professional) CGM? Isn’t all CGMs the same? Professional CGM is placed on a person with diabetes by a healthcare professional in office or clinic setting. CGM is worn for typically 7 – 14 days followed by download in your healthcare provider’s office. CGM download provides lots of useful information in terms of a person’s time in range (amount of time a person’s blood sugar is in 70 – 180 mg/dL range), above range (> 180 mg/dL) and below range (<70 mg/dL). This vital insight can be provide feedback to both person with diabetes and healthcare professional to guide the overall treatment plan, and learn what is working and not working. Like all numbers in diabetes, please remember these numbers do not judge rather they simply provide feedback.

To learn more about this exciting approval, Dexcom G6 Pro, please click below. Lastly, you do not have to be on insulin therapy to qualify professional CGM.

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