Tuesday’s Daily Piece: Navigating Holiday Parties

When it comes to our health, nutrition is medicine so it is imperative that we consider the food and beverages that we consume. The holiday season is so challenging in navigating our food and beverage choices as much temptation exist to over indulge and make lots of unhealthy food choices. Below are some wonderful tips to help you navigate your way through holiday parties.

  1. Make physical activity a top priority the day of the party. Be intentional! Schedule an “appointment” for this vital physical activity.
  2. Avoid arriving at the party hungry.  We all know what happens if we are hungry at a party, we overindulge.  Eat a small meal or snack of protein and non-starchy vegetables before going to party.
  3. Check out all your food options before putting any food on your plate. Consider which foods are worth eating and which foods can be skipped – stick with your decision.
  4. If after the first bite, you realize that you do not enjoy the food item, leave it on your plate.  Remember, you do not have to be a member of the clean plate club.
  5. Select your non starchy veggies first (they will fill you up) (i.e., broccoli, baby carrots, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, cauliflower). Keep the dip to very small spoonful.  Think of “touching” the food in the sauce vs “dipping”!
  6. Eat sweet treats, chips, crackers and cheese in moderation.  Avoid eating while fixing your plate rather take time to sit down and enjoy your food. 
  7. Keeping some distance between yourself and the food will prevent you from grazing. 
  8. Moderating alcohol is key (one drink for a woman and possibly two for men).  Sipping on a glass of water or mineral water is a great alternative. Often, simply having the glass of water in your hand will ward off the desire for additional alcohol or food.
  9. Focus your time at the party on catching up with friends and making new connections.
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