Tuesday’s Daily Piece: InPen Approved for Kids and More Metformin Recalls

This week in diabetes, good news and not so good news to share. Let’s begin with the good news. InPen, a bluetooth enabled smart insulin pen has received expanded indication for kids age 7 years old and older. You may recall that InPen received FDA approved for use in adults back in 2019. It is a reusable pen that allows for tracking of insulin doses which can bring peace of mind for parents of kids with type 1 diabetes. It is available with a prescription at pharmacies. To help with cost, there is a copay card available through Companion Medical (simply click on link below).


3 Reasons why you should care about InPen, the Smart Insulin Pen ...

Now, the not so good news. More metformin extended release recalls now from Lupin Pharmaceuticals and Granules Pharmaceuticals due to elevated levels of NMDA (which can increase risk of developing cancer). Please contact your pharmacy to find if out if your metformin ER has been recalled.



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