Saturday’s Daily Piece: Financial Savings: Unlimited Test Strips and Insulin Savings from Novo Nordisk

Affordability of healthcare continues to be change particularly for persons living with chronic health conditions. Discounts and savings programs are ALWAYS welcomed. DiaTribe recently published an article providing details for unlimited glucose test strips at a fixed monthly rate through mySugr, One Drop, DarioHealth and Livongo. Please click below to get the details (and subscribe to DiaTribe as they publish amazing articles).

NovoNordisk has announced new cash discount program for its insulin products (NovoLog, Tresiba, Levemir) – $99 for a months’ supply (available in January 2020). Additionally, they are releasing new NovoLog and NovoLog mix follow on brands (authorized generic) at price of $279.41 for 5 pens – half cost of branded product.

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