Game Changing Week in Diabetes: Oral GLP- 1 Agonist and New Pro CGM

Boy! What an exciting week it has been in the diabetes realm! Here in the states, FDA approved oral semaglutide (Rybelsus), first ever oral GLP-1 agonist. How exciting for those living with type 2 diabetes who have avoided GLP-1 agonist because it is an injection as they have an oral option. This is a game changer. It will be available in 7 mg and 14 mg. Costs are not available at this time however there will be a savings card program. Rybelsus will be available in fourth quarter 2019.

In Europe, Medtronic received approval for a new disposable, factory calibrated professional CGM (Envision Pro). This eliminates the need for finger stick calibration. Envision Pro will be available in Europe and Middle East this fall. I am counting the days until we get FDA approval for this professional CGM here in the states.

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